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The Caribbean Governments are increasingly looking at the need for digital communications networks to help economic growth" -Wikipedia

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A regular and conventional Billboard ad costs are highly location-dependent, as you might expect. Typically, a full-size billboard will cost around $5k-$10k, though you can get as low as $1k in rural areas and can expect to pay $10k or more around cities and busy highways. You’ll also have to pay for art and setup, which starts around $1k. We’ll dive into more details and specifics below.

But before we go further, let’s be clear: billboard advertising isn’t cost effective for every business. It can help boost brand awareness or draw highway traffic to a nearby location, but for most small businesses, billboard advertising just isn’t worth the money.

If you really want to reach local customers, online ads ( are going to be far more cost effective for most businesses. You can even make a Facebook ad for your business

The most cost effective way to advertise on a billboard is to lease space through an ad agency. Rental cost varies greatly depending on the location, which we’ll get into a little later.

·        More Dynamic Ads: You can display moving images on digital billboards, which can mean better engagement and longer retention of information.

·        More Targeted: In some cases, you can specify the time of day you want your ad shown. (i.e. rush hour, nighttime, lunch)

·        Higher Traffic: Digital billboards tend to be constructed in high-traffic areas. Despite the fact that your ad is only displayed 1/6th of the time, you tend to get about 1/3rd or 1/4th the impressions of a print billboard.


For a restaurant, store or attraction that wants to attract more customers from the road, there’s few better ways to advertise than with a nearby billboard online (  For all other businesses, billboard advertising can be a great way to boost name recognition and stir some buzz aswel.  BUY NOW